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Reviews of a wide variety of underground music projects: electronica (all sorts), industrial, gothic, techno, metal, punk, darkwave, ambient, experimental, protest, folk & more.


Reviews from Blatant Propaganda 'Zine 2:

Absynthe ""First Movements of Cliffdancers" darkwave goth metal

Anthony Olsen "Crazy Space Ballet: A Collection of Underwater Outerspace Landscapes" analogue ambient electronica

Artemiy Artemiev "five mystery tales of asia" ambient

Astral Taxi "morph 4 U" electro-rock

Audio Cephlon "self-titled" intelligent electronica

Bytet "first bite" electronic-body-music

CloneDT "7777777" electronic-industrial

Compressed Infinity "random extraction" electronic-industrial

Confessions of Faith "stillborn" brit-pop electronica

Coven 13 "Book of Shadows" pagan ballads

Cradle Grave "saper vedere" darkwave ambient

Cus1 "the Biggest Grin" electronica

Dunkelheit "Obey" industrial metal punk

Fear of Dolls "When the Organ Played at Twilight" goth death-rock

Fiction 8 "anachronicity" synth-goth-pop

Halo "guitarri" doom noise metal

Headbutt "solvent bassed product" raw-industrial-punk-grunge

Junkbeats "union" techno-drum-&-bass

Lahka Muza "Sen Ohraniceneho Zivota" darkwave-operatic-goth

Lord Litter "Back to Basics" blues acoustic rock

Lacklustre "Sampler CD" techno

Lluvia Acida "1996-98" electronic body music

Moksha "A People Undone" mellow pop electronica

Nexus "6" greek-industrial-goth-rock

Omnium Gatherum "demo CDR" metal

Ordnance "buckshot" electro-industrial

Ras Al Ghul "Subharmonic Density Structures" electronica-world-music-ambient

Scary Valentine "gorgon" darkwave-electronic

The Stinking Badger Of Java "In a Highland Eden" psychedelic-folk-rock

Schizoid "enough is enough" digital hardcore

Strategy "Intense" darkwave-electronics

Stoufer, Tony "One Swell Foop" electronic

Testube "bioplaza" darkwave-electro-industrial

The Oppenheimer Project (T.O.P.) "Voodoo Disko" electronica

Things Outside the Skin (T.O.T.S.) "God in a Box" industrial-rock

Vocabularinist "Hasznasznisznasz" psychedelic-pop

Various "Anchorage Elektro" electronic-body-music

Various "On The Brink Of Infinity" neoclassical gothic

Various "edges are fun" drum & bass acid techno

Various "beatscootin'" electronica big-beat

Virus X "Virus X" industrial goth rock

Vocabularinist "hasznasznisznasz" psychedelic rock

Vox Barbara "The Five Senses" ambient

Whiteplan "Prototype" crunchy technoid industrial

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Reviews from Blatant Propaganda 'Zine 1:

The following reviews are based on an earlier design of this site - with some black backgrounds and lots of colour.

Alien Headspace "Genre Crimes" mellow-techno-trance

Andrews, Steve "Dive in Deep" acoustic & electronic welsh folk

Anthropile "Take" electro-industrial

Bastardos "Bastardos" punk-hard-core

B(if)tek "sub-vocal theme park" acid-doof-electronica

Black Lung "the wonderful & frightening World of black lung" electronic-dementia-industrial-techno

Blacklight Braille "Carbonek" folk-psychedelic-weirdness

Bride of the Atom "Web of Spider" review 2 industrial-darkwave-prog-jazz

Bride of the Atom "Web of Spider" full review

Bytet & Violet Black Orchid (SPLIT CD )"A Split single CD" electro-industrial

Closet Stiffs "non violent electronica" electro-new-romantic-industrial-pop

Cyanosis "The Ethereal Stairwell Suite #1" ambient noise

Dark Violence of Beauty "At the Sign of the Pink Flamingo" gothabilly-western-rock

Detritus "El Vaiven de los Ciclos" electro-darkwave-industrial

DJ Speedloader "Hard to the Core" gabba hardcore techno

Dogmachine "Futuristic Urban Cult" electro-industrial

Dreams into Dust "No Man's Land" gothic-industrial-ambient

Frankie Death & the Photon Belt "Soundtrack for the film Future Unseen" psychedelic-electro-pop

Glass "Glass" ambience-musique-concrete

Guyver 3 "Perception Camera" experimental electronica

HALO "HALO" Doom-industrial-metal-soundscapes

Headpress "the Other Side of Progress" industrial-metal

Hermafrodit "Architektura Osrtych Hran" industrial-electro-jazz-jungle

Igloo & the Icicles "Strange News from Another Star" electro-beat-ambience

in-FUSED "Coding Emotion" industrial-electronic-body-music

iNsuRge "Power To The Poison People" industrial-rock-politics

Jagd Wild "Come Join the Hunt" darkwave-cyber-goth

La Funcion de Repulsa "Homochip" industrial-progressive-funk-rock

Little Nobody "poptart" electronica-lounge-dance

Machine Translations "abstract poverty" psychedelic folk

Magic Moments at Twilight Time "Creavolution" psychedelic electro space pop

Midnight Oil "Redneck Wonderland" rock-techno-grunge

Mimetic Field "Over-rated" acid-industrial-trance theatrical-epic

Mooter, Wholesale and Manufacturing "Free Box of ..." hysterical math-rock

Noxious Emotion "Count 0" electro-industrial

The Oppenheimer Project "the Effects of Sunlight" electronica-jazz-ambience

Paradox "New Devotion" techno-goth-synth-pop

Prototype "Cybercore" gothic-metal-funk-rock

psybURBia "They Come for the Beats" electronica-dance

Ras Al Ghul "Spontaneous Flux Entry" electronica-world beats

Ras Al Ghul "Subharmonic density structure" electronica-world beats

Rebro "No-one gets out of this trip alive " electronic-scapes

Sarah Hopkins & Alan Lamb "Skysong" ambient-cello+wire-drones

Scratch My Nose "Screw" just plain weird

SNOG "Buy me, I'll change your life" electronica-industrial-pop

Sobriquet "People Don't Go Out to Clubs to Get Laid" electronica-pop

Sobriquet "Version 1.1" electronica-dance-pop

Soma "the Inner Cinema" dub-electronica-dark-western

Sterile "Warm Dark Noise" industrial-synth-metal

Testube "Post Apocalypse" electronica-industrial-e.b.m.

Venus Flytrap "Metamorphoses" gothic-rock-new-wave

Various Artist Compilations:

Various Artists "Anomalous Silencer 3" noise-noise-industrial-noise

Various Artists "Black Paradigm" electro-industrial-techno

Various Artists "Circuit Noir - 1 - dark electroniks" electro-industrial-darkwave

Various Artists "Cognition" electronica doof OZ Clan Analogue collective

Various Artists "Dark Eyed & Starry they Were...Volume 2" OZ goth-dark-electro

Various Artists "Down Under Ground Volume 2" OZ industrial-metal-electro

Various Artists "Futronik Structures Vol. 1" cyber electro DSBP USA

Various Artists "Futronik Structures Vol. 2" cyber electro DSBP USA

Various Artists "Filthy Jabilucre" OZ doof-political-electronica Organarchy Sound Collective

Various Artists "Images of My Underworld Vol. 3" OZ electro-industrial-punk-goth, Horrorshow

Various Artists "Last call for unity" OZ hc-punk - Bar Code The World zine.

Various Artists "Musica Folk Antipop" Mexican industrial-punk-goth-avant underground.

Various Artists "On the Nod" Double CD OZ hc-punk-industrial-techno - Bar Code The World zine.

Various Artists "Oracle Pool Volume 2" electro-industrial-goth KSM Records USA.

Various Artists "Zeitgeist Vol. 3" OZ techno-acid-industrial-doof, IF? Recs.


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