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b(if)tek ::: "sub-vocal theme park"

electronica - doof - analogue - acid

You may have heard Biftek via their recent popular Radio JJJ electronica hit "Bedrock". The single sits alongside acts such as Fat Boy Slim and Moby in radio-friendly big-beat electronica style with highly polished production. This album, however, was their first release back in 1996. On the whole it's a much more subdued, cruisey and experimental affair than the bedrock single.

You'll find a range of cruisey analogue-synth based tracks here. Whilst being "dance" music, it isn't limited to that label. It's much more than that. Trippy listening music, with lots of burbling bass, mellow grooves, occasional samples and spluttering filtered percussions. My highlight tracks are "The Climb", "Pye" and "Quite a world".

Biftek are active members of the Clan Analogue collective based in Sydney (and formerly in Canberra, where Biftek originated). So far they are the most successful Clan Analogue act. Personally, as with Biftek, I prefer the sound of earlier Clan Analogue releases. The sounds were not so seemingly focussed on seeking radio or dance floor appeal, whereas latter works seem that way inclined. Nevertheless, I perfectly understand why the label and acts such as Biftek have adopted a more accessible sound - it's nice to be able to at least break even, let alone make a little money from making music!

The production of Biftek's more recent work, such as "Bedrock", is certainly a great improvement on the "Sub-vocal theme park" CD which has quite low volume levels. Nevertheless, if you're into this style of music, and a fan of Biftek and Clan Analogue, then this is certainly a must have for your collection.

I look forward to seeing and hearing how Biftek's career progresses.

10 tracks span 63 minutes.

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