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Various"Futronik Structures Vol. 1 - DSBP cyber elektro compilation"

electronic - industrial

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the artists on this release and on the vol. 2 disk. In fact, I like these CDs a lot more than most of the flashier releases by bigger labels in the electro-industrial scene. Long live labels such as DSBP for supporting the underground and particularly new unsigned bands.

This compilation was released in mid-1997 and features many new and unsigned electro-industrial artists.

  1. It begins with the Blind Passengers' track "Respect Yourself" which, with it's non-robotic dance beats, catchy vocals and flangey guitars reminds me of early 90s British electro-pop such as Jesus Jones, EMF and Pop Will Eat Itself.
  2. The next act, Con, have an 80s new-romantic influence in their sound for "down"; one of my favourites on this disk. It features contrasting subdued vocal verses into a loud chorus, techno beat and ethereal industrial synth noises. Reminds me a bit of Spahn Ranch.
  3. Mimic Mind present a straight down the line Western Europe electronic-body-music piece with deep android vocals. I really like the fuzzy feedback noises.
  4. Tubalcain's track "God on the Tongue" begins with some very annoying ranting dialogue samples that lead into a very groovey e.b.m. pop stomp with catchy hooks to boot (this band features the vocalist from Spahn Ranch).
  5. Biopsy's "Never Inhale" is a fast chugging guitar-driven stomp with breakbeats and gruff rah-rah vocals. Reminiscent of Klute and the FLA remixes of Fear Factory.
  6. "Bleed", by A New January, is a slower romantic new-wave electro-pop song - reminds me of Depeche Mode. Some interesting structural breakdown bits.
  7. Pivot Clowj present "Blackout" which is another track I really like. It has a straight forward slow techno beat, weary vocals, plonking bass-synth and dreamy synths. I love the way the vocals and synths soar off into the stratosphere mid-song. One almost feels like one is flying through blue skies over a desert somewhere! Well, almost!
  8. Diverje's track "Body Worship" has become stuck in my head. Those naughty people. An e.b.m piece with chugging guitars and enchanting middle-eastern type keyboard lines. It reminds me of classic e.b.m acts such as A Split Second and Click Click. It's good to hear the effective incorporation of guitars in this style. I don't think I've heard a guiro sound used in e.b.m. before! Now that's pretty brave.
  9. Aurifex present a classic e.b.m piece with deep pitch-shifted android vocals. I like the breathing space used at the end of the track with the solo cloudy synth sequence.
  10. 162's track "Darkness" begins with a sound I've heard a billion times (hey, the Korg M1 was my first synth!) Even so, despite a few other sounds that I know better than the back of my hand, this piece is characterised by operatic-gothic female vocals which interplay very effectively with the high keyboard lines. Quite a delightful dreamy piece!
  11. The Man is a very Depeche Modish act - particularly the vocals, though I should add they get a bit more emotional than I've ever heard DM get. Though I never could tolerate Depeche Mode's sound, The Man do this style well on "Captivity" and get my tick of approval through the interesting squealing samples and willingness to get at least a little bit carried away vocally.
  12. Crying Room's instrumental "Her Overcoat" is a well constructed piece. Though it's probably not exactly cutting edge to do a dark-electro instrumental with samples from horror films. Unfortunately, such things just don't hold my attention anymore.
  13. Audio Paradox's "Her Overcoat" is more of a contemporary elektro-gothic-rock crossover piece. At places it reminds of Skinny Puppy's last album - the guitarish tracks. Cheeky use of typewriters in this piece.
  14. Epidemic Cause and their track "Anniversary of Mental Derangment" stand out by virtue of their funk-metal-influenced style with vocals ranging from strangulated croons to cookie monster gruffness. While they do this genre very well, I never could tolerate American doom-metal stuff. Far from sounding scary or profound, such music sounds to me like a bunch of parent-frightened teenagers trying in vain to puff themselves up like a defensive spider to look bigger.
  15. in-Fused's track "No Trust" is quite similar to that by diverje. That's no surprise really, they both contain Tommy T. I don't really know why they are separate projects, the only difference I can find is that diverje features guitars. They both share a similar dark-electro sound and Mr. T's characteristic alien vocals.
  16. Bytet's "Anything (97 mix)" features lyrics that anywhere else I think I'd find completely annoying. However, the way they are sung by the female vocalist and their quirky electronics makes it one of my favourite tracks here. Quite a unique and refreshing sound. The closest comparison I can think of is Laurie Anderson.
  17. The CD closes with "Connect" by Provizion - a collaboration between Tommy T and Jeff Danos of Testube. But hang on, didn't they also have a project called "Wrack Process"? This is just getting silly all these different names! Anyway, what of the music? This is a stomping quirky e.b.m piece that's also heavily influenced by the mid-to-late-80s hey-day of European e.b.m.

$12 US from:

DSBP Records. 237 CAGUA NE, albuquerque, N.M., 87108 USA.

E-mail: [email protected]

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