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Little Nobody ::: "Pop-Tart"


This is another album which has grown on me a lot. A mellow and trippy mix of funky lounge, trip-hop, disco, electronica dance tunes interspersed with film sound bites and incidental corridor music. What impresses me the most about this album is that it isn't strictly a "dance "album. Sure it's got dancey beats and tunes, and you can bop about to them, but it's fundamentally an album to be listened too. Tracks come and go merging into each other to become one big soundscape. One little concern I expressed to Andrez, the creator of this album, was the dominance of (annoying to me) American voices - no Australian ones that I could find - which I think is a shame. Of course, Little Nobody is far from being the only one to fall prey to this habit. Is it because American voices are just so dominant in our media and/or that they're so often comical that they get used so much by artists from other cultures?

Anyway, back to the review! Most of the yankee-voice snippets have deplted by mid-album. My favourite tracks include the raw laid back hip-hop "Zone troopers" (with little snippet samples that I know but just can't pick exactly where they're from), "Pineapple Slice" which is a collaboration with Elenor from Sobriquet, "We call it crack house" (with it's broken beats and noises - is that a De La Soul sample hiding in there?) and the hypnotic ploddings of "Demented Discotheque". There's also some great remixes of the track "Nobody's Driving" by Artificial, Dee Dee & Blimp. Heaps of new and exciting sounds to discover in this album. Very recommended. 16 tracks over 65 min.

$25 from: If? Records, 43 Brunswick St. Fitzroy VIC 3065 Australia
fax: 61-03-9415-6824.

E-mail: [email protected]

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