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Hermafrodit ::: "Architektura Osrtych Hran"


Well this a terrific highly varied album of electro-industrial-jazz-trip-hop-jungle. 8 tracks are spread over 39 minutes. Track 1 "from within" is a squelchy instrumental electro-industrial piece. The second track's a slow jazzy trip-hoppy piece quite like Scorn, but better - with dialogue snippets in Czech. The next track is a harsh e.b.m track with male Czech vocals that sound a bit Rammsteinish. "Sprinting through the time spiral" is a doof-beat industrial track with quirky off-beat rhythms. Track 5 begins slowly and atmospherically, in come dubby bass lines and mellowish industrial beats and some great jazz-fusion guitar work that's very tastefully done. "Neofaecalism" features jungle beats and swirling bleeping synths.

The trancei-sh instrumental "Periods" spirals around a looping modulating keyboard line reminiscent of early Nitzer Ebb. Techno beats and chirping synths build up gradually and pave the entrance for some more accomplished guitar work in mid-piece. "Hypotension" is a jazzy-lounge-piece with minimal haunting piano lines, bubbling synths, trip-hop beats and jazzy guitar chord progressions. Another truly high-class production from the underground.

Hermafrodit c/o Tomas Zavadil, Na sancich 032, 143 00 Praha 4-Tocna Czech Republic

Epidemie Records: c/o Martin Havrlik - V Hurkach 2143 155 00 Praha 5. Czech Republic

Review by j citizen 2000.

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