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Blatant Propaganda Radio

Alternative Music Radio Shows/Programs/Podcasts

Once upon a time the Blatant Propaganda DJs hosted numerous radioshows, adding up to around 500-to-600 programs, spanning several decades. Most shows were aired on Community Radio Station 2XX 98.3 FM Australia. These shows included:


The title refers to the genres of: Synth-wave-pop-punk-rock - (electro) Industrial - (power) Noise - Gothic - Elektro/EBM/Electronica - Darkwave . . . It was pronounced singe-d as in meaning "lightly burnt" ;)

The show ran from 2001 to the end of 2015. It originally aired on Saturday nights at 7-8pm. From around 2008 it was broadcast on Wednesday nights from 1030-1130pm. During that time the show featured numerous DJs. DJ Robot Citizen co-founded the program and hosted around 130-150 programmes during the years 2001-2006 and 2010-2015. Several dozen playlists for this alternative music radio show are available via these links:
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New Old Early Australian Community College Radio Station 2XX Show Podcast Program Host DJ Producer DJs Dark Alternative Electronic Electronica Electro Industrial Indie Synth Pop Dance Punk Music Australia Canberra Sydney Melbourne ACT
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We lost play-lists for most of the early years however around 30-40 are available for the years 2000-2003 at this old page.

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This was an electronic dance music show that initially aired from 7-9pm on Saturday nights; from 2001 it ran from 7-8pm. DJ Robot - then known as DJ Citizen - hosted the program once or twice per month over 6 years (1998-2004); adding up to around 100 shows.
Hosting these programs and "Local Anaesthetic" led to the production of the "ELECTRiCiTY" compilation CDs of Canberra Electronic Music by several dozen Canberran electronica musicians, artists, bands, groups & producers.

Best Early First Old Top Good Australian Canberran Electronic Club Dance DJs Indie Electronica Music EDM Producers Musicians Groups Acts Bands Scene CD Songs Albums Compilations Canberra Australia Record Labels Label Nightclubs History DJ Robot J Citizen Nightclub Posters Flyers
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We lost or neglected posting playlists for this show apart from several dozen for the years 2000-2002 via this old page

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"Australian Music Radio Shows"

One program was titled "Know Your Product" and featured the music of bands from anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. The other program was called "Local Anaesthetic" and focused on musicians and bands from the city of Canberra. For both shows the focus was on artists who were on independent record labels or who self-released their music. Numerous artists were interviewed live-on-air - including some live performances - or were interviewed via pre-recorded telephone calls. DJ Robot presented these radio programs once-or-twice-per-month for around 8 years (1996-2004). They aired at 5-7pm Saturday evenings. This adds up to around 100-150 shows.

Hosting these shows contributed to the production of this compilation of Australian independent dark alternative music bands .

Best Top New Old Early 90s 00s Alternative Australian Bands Groups Musicians Dark Post Punk Synthpop Electro Industrial Power Noise Goth Gothic Goths Electronica Darkwave Music Fashion Scene History Photos Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
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We lost or neglected posting song-lists for these shows apart from several dozen for the years 2000-2002 - links at this old page.

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This was a 4-6pm "drive-time" weekday radio show. DJ Robot hosted it weekly for about 4 years (2002-2006); on Thursdays for about 2 years and then on Fridays. That adds up to 150 to 200 or so programmes. The scope of music included a large range of genres - with a focus on underground independent artists from around the world - styles such as: indie-pop-rock, punk, electronica, rock, metal, industrial, gothic, ambient, folk, political protest songs and a variety of electronic dance music styles. The program also regularly featured interviews with local and touring music artists and people from a range of community activist groups.

Hosting these shows led to the production of the Songs of Protest compilation of independent Australian alternative music bands.

Best Top Greatest Popular 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s 10s Australian Political Protest Music Bands Songs Albums Musicians Anthems Groups Artists Styles Industrial Rock Pop Electronic Punk Hip Hop Sydney Melbourne Perth Adelaide Brisbane Canberra
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We've lost the play lists for these old shows; sigh!

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The above adds up to around 500-600 radio programs. When factoring that most shows were 2 hours while some were 1 hour long, 500 or 600 multipled by 1.5 hours equates to around 750 to 900 hours of radio presented by DJ Robot Citizen and co-hosts such as DvaD9 plus many more episodes of these shows by numerous co-hosts.

Australian Alternative Music Community Radio DJs Station 2XX 98.3FM Shows Show Program Programs Podcasts Programme Hosts DJ Robot Citizen Synthpop Electro Punk Industrial Noise Gothic CyberGoth Dark Electronica Rock Music 90s 00s 10s Canberra Australia
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