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Various ::: "Oracle Pool Volume 2"


This comp features 13 bands over 73 minutes. It's a polished set of electro-goth-rock-e.b.m music. "Severe" by Dripping Rictus is a mid-tempo piece of e.b.m. with burbling synths, and weary/dreamy male vocals. Daed 21's contributions "birth of liquid desire" and "gala" (one of my favourites on this CD) are theatric goth-rock-electro-metal pieces of epic proportions - vaguely similar to Germany's Into the Abyss but more industrial.

Idiot Stare present "angelic" which reminds me a bit of Spahn Ranch but with a slightly more metal edge. Jagd Wild's pieces "cry for salvation" & "come join the hunt" are spacey goth-electro-darkwave with male goth vocals. Fourthman's track "guilt" is mid-tempo minimal harsh electro. with male razorblade vocals. "Foe Hammer" by Colour Clique is a nice piece of stark instrumental pounding mechanical electro-industrial. Reanimated Soul's "pious nonsense" begins as a cinematic piece of ambience which mutates into a cool piece of industrial-rock that reminds of Mussolini Headkick.

Bytet have always impressed me so far, and their trance-mechanical-industrial track "time to play (eternity mix)" is no exception - being my pick of the crop here. "I want some thrash" by Structure is an instrumental piece of heavy e.b.m. that features some interesting noises and build-ups. Reminds me of Klinik and early Noise Unit. "Fragment" by Pee reminds me of early Fini Tribe. Minimal and mechanical electro.

"Molecular Scar" by Naked Wavelength is a noise-ambience piece with many layered sounds. "The end " by 162 is very bleak and mechanical e.b.m. Multiplex's "I can't explain" is slightly trancey and dreamy, though very robotic. The mellowest piece on the CD.

$11 US from: Killer Sex Machina (KSM) Records - c/o David London 2305 Vista Court Coquitlam B.C. Canada V3J 6W2.

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