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Album: "ELECTRICITY Volume 2" - Various Artists: a compilation of Canberra Electronic Music producers. (2004; BPCD018)

Genres Include: Australian EDM, Industrial, Drum&Bass, Club, Darkwave, Acid-House, CyberGoth, Electroclash, Witch-House, Glitch-Hop, Trip-Hop, Techno, Synthpop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Cyber-Electro-DancePunk-SynthRock, PowerNoise & Musique Concrete.

This collection is available to access for free via:

This is another set of electronic music by musicians and producers in or from the city of Canberra, Australia - produced by DJ Robot Citizen

It was originally released in 2004 as a CDr; as a quick lo-fi production to give away (as part of the entry ticket) at a club night event called "eXXentricity 2" - a night of live electronica music and DJs - held to raise funds for Community Radio 2XX 98.3 FM. Around 200 copies were made and given away.

The original lo-fi jacket for the "Electricity 2" promo CDr

Canberra Electronic Dance Music Community Radio Shows 2XX 98.3fm Electricity Compilation Album Collection Canberran Live Electronica Rave Party Scene Producers Song DJs Band Musicians Group Artist 90s 00s ACT Australian Capital Territory

This collection was a sequel to the compilation that was released in 2003 titled "Electricity" - 2 CDs of Canberran Electronic Music - numerous tracks from that collection were featured on Radio Triple J (JJJ).

The 3 CDs of music were re-released on Bandcamp in 2014 and 2015 in a set of 4 volumes of around 50 minutes each. The "Electricity 2" CDR album is now listed as being "Volume 4".

The art for the Bandcamp edition of this "Electricity 2" album:

New Early Old Best Top Canberran Electronica Electronic Dance Music EDM IDM Producers Bands Albums Songs Groups Musicians Scene Clubs History Compilation Photos Artists of Canberra Australia 1990s 2000s 2010s ACT Australian Capital Territory


01. E.L.F. Vs EYE - Music is... Here to Protect You (Live) 08:04
02. Fuselage (aka. Evil Chris) - Babylon Approach 04:26
03. Ashley Feraude with Cris Clucas - Something New 07:55
04. Wax Audio - Disturbing Practices (Children Overboard) 04:56
05. DJ Robot Citizen - Another One of THOSE Days 05:00
06. Mystral Tide - Acute in Nil 03:59
07. DJ Paf - Conflict 06:15
08. dotodot - Control Your Machines 07:10
09. EYE - The Invisible Government (& The Party System) 05:22
10. Kimmo Vennonen - Mirage 04:42
11. Solaris - If a Centipede Could skip 09:07
12. Somaya Langley - Shimmer 05:00

This collection can be heard & accessed online at:

A scan of the original 2 CD "Electricity" album:

Best New Canberran Australian Electronica Electronic Dance Music EDM Album Songs Tracks Tunes Beats Artist Band Group Musicians Producers Electricity Compilation CD Canberra Night Club PsyTrance House Techno Electro Industrial Trip Hip Hop Rap History

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