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Title: EYE - "PROPAGANDA MACHINE (Volume 1)"


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Volume 1 of works from EYE's most productive years; when radio stations across Australia broadcast tracks on a daily basis.

This is one half of a double CD set that was due for release in mid-2003, around the time that the national radio station Triple J was broadcasting "A Nice Walk in the Park" each day and when numerous big city community-radio stations were regularly broadcasting tracks like "Workers United", "Refugees: Scapegoats", "Taliban: Made by the USA", "Are You a Terrorist?" as well as "Kadoish" and "Slogans for Consumer Youth" ... Also around that time the cheesy electro-pop track "Bring Yurr Love" was ranked 2nd in the national electronic-dance songwriting competition.

However, life (too many reasons) got in the way, meaning EYE could not devote to the exhausting amounts of time required for seriously promoting a CD release. Hence, the CD release was postponed and the entire record label was put on hold for several years. A limited CDr release was made available in 2009 (with a launch event in Melbourne) following numerous requests. This first volume was released on BandCamp in 2013. Volume 2 is due ... some time soon. ;)

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