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Title: EYE - "Politics Can Be Fun"


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As seen elsewhere on this page the album received rave reviews. It was awarded with the prestigious title of ALBUM OF THE WEEK on several Australian radio stations: Brisbane's 4ZZZ and Canberra's 2XX.

"Mandate!" was a popular hit on (non-commercial non-government) community radio stations around Australia. It was frequently played on community/college radio stations around the country during 1999-2000; including on prime-time breakfast and sunset-drive-time shows.

"Mandate!" is a well-regarded protest anthem against the unpopular government of the time who were voted out of government by over 60% of voters but remained in power because of flaws in Australia's election system. ( Refer to this article for details.)

"Mandate!" was even played a few times by DJs on government radio stations like "Triple J (JJJ)" which had officially sought to avoid the track because of the sampling of politicians.

Even so the video for "Mandate!" was shown on the national ABC and SBS TV stations. The song was also played in nightclubs and at protest rallies.

Around this time EYE were interviewed on over a dozen radio shows - spanning Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Fremantle, Canberra & Newcastle. EYE were also interviewed for the national SBS-TV "Alchemy" music show. Several other tracks from the album received significant amounts of radio play in Australia. Several of the album's tracks appeared on various artist compilation albums.

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AUDIO via EYE's Bandcamp page

The 2013 online re-issue contains some tracks that were not on the original CD: i) "Nuclear Waste..."; ii) "The Invisible Government..."; and iii) "Democracy?!? (Part 4)..." These along with several other tracks were originally intended for release on a 2nd "Politics" CD but that did not eventuate. One track (as on the CD) has been removed for inclusion on a future set of music.

i) 2013 online re-release
ii) Original CD (@Discogs.com)

Other EYE releases include:

"Propaganda Machine"

"Demonstrations (H.U.S.H.)"

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The Canberra Times newspaper: "... imagine a mix between N.I.N., the Chemical Brothers, Atari Teenage Riot, the Aphex Twin and Negativland..."

DRUM Media music newspaper Sydney, Australia: "original... punk ethic... tech-industrial... influences from acid to drum and bass ... atmospheric & spooky to in your face..."

Gavin Dennet, BMA (Bands Music Action) magazine Canberra, Australia: "... intelligent propaganda... awesome sounds... stunning acid sequences, mind-blowing synths, spooky new wave vocals... over the top of diverse, sometimes harsh, electronic beats... of the highest order!"

Time Off music magazine Brisbane, Australia: "... wet acid sounds, distorted house loops... AC/DC style guitar riffs..."

DB music newspaper Adelaide, Australia: "... chilling yet hilarious... intense... full-on techno... industrial sounds, samples and chants to make non-mainstream political statements... trance-inducing... intelligent and outspoken views... Their main thesis is that we should have fun but still resist the many forms of tyranny over our lives..."

Peter Still, Woroni, student newspaper of the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia: "... 5 out of 5... tongue-in-cheek... a peculiar brand of unconventional but catchy, and often danceable, electronic music... clever, funny and politically aware... a sophisticated and mature work..."

Warren Wheeler, Tertangala student newspaper of Wollongong University, Australia: "... an amazing record from start to finish... entertaining yet informative..."

Barry Bardoe, Core T.V. show, Channel 31, Melbourne, Australia, September 1999: "... an awesome collection of hard-edged electronica, which cleverly employs samples to make a very perceptive statement about the Australian political landscape. Thought-provoking to say the least, this release, to me, holds the true spirit of industrial much more than the over-hyped N.I.N. and such like. In a word - ESSENTIAL!"

The Australian Music Biz web-zine: "... a fantastic piece of work... cutting edge... some great tracks here that would become favourites if radio has the guts to give them a spin. Top marks for standing up for what you believe in and top marks for a great industrial record."

Starvox web-zine, USA: "... furious electronic beats... imminently listenable... strong, and challenging... raised my awareness. I now put out the challenge, for you to do the same. Your future is being engineered without your active input. One day you may awake to find we do in fact live in an Orwellian world after all."

Electrozine web-zine, Singapore: "... Acid-Trance-Industrial intermixed with Numanesque vocals... mixed to a hilarious and thought provoking crescendo!... pick this puppy up."

Virus X, Adelaide, Australia: "... I bought the new NIN single today (huge NIN fan) and it paled next to your music. In other words, I'm very impressed!!!"

The Aether Sanctum dark-music website, 2001: "The warning on the CD says "This product will cause thought". Strangely, it will. As you gather from the title, EYE is highly political. And, if I might suggest, it's a little to the left. Or, a lot to the left depending on how you view the world. And it will certainly get you thinking about the political system of Australia, and any Westminster-based system. As such overseas listeners may find it a little parochial, but it shouldn't stop them enjoying the music. You have to love these song titles: "Mandate"; "Party Politics"; and "Transnational Corporations Own 90% of Australia But Pay < 8% Of The Tax" (although, to be fair the last sounds much like a politics paper parsed through an Apple Mac's highly amusing speech synth). Let's take some sample lyrics from "Party Politics Part 2" (and, yes, it's set to some cluttered, noisy and strangely workable music): "No political parties can be part of any democratic constitution because it is not possible for a party to operate democratically/ this is because the party's existence depends on the members agreement to vote along party lines/ a democratic illegality". More humour arises from the key track here (this release is really an extended play single) "Mandate". It features the smirking tones of well-known Australian current affairs host Kerry O'Brien, our very own Prime Minister John Howard (no, not the actor), Federal Opposition leader Kim Beazley, and Democrats leader Meg Lees. Fantastic. Even more fantastic, they've managed to combine unclean yet crisp electronics with a rappin' Johnny Howard! Any band which can do that, and come out with a song you can still dance too, must get my vote. Musically, EYE is a cluttered mixture of guitars, electronics and samples - which feels raw enough to be very cut'n'paste - just like ye olde industrial used to be. See, politics can be fun. And music can still make you think. "

From Last Sigh magazine 1999: "... EYE is the politically charged industrial "acid grind core" band from Australia. Heralding their own political advocacy magazine, Blatant Propaganda, EYE has brought to the surface the lies and disillusions of the Australian Governments mandate and other sordid bureaucratic actions on Politics. The music on this release is as intense as are the issues, ranging from uranium mining (in a nuclear free country?), to the lack of transnational corporate tax revenue, and the means by which the government underhandedly passes mandates without House rule. An overall viewpoint that Australian citizens are for the most part sleeping in regard to such issues is also a theme.
Equally intense to the political expressions and views on this release is the music -- militant, electro-industrial, powerful and protesting, and at times dancy. There are actual samples/excerpts and discussions of politicians and political analysts talking on the tracks about the aforementioned issues. The last track is only a person(s) spoken word with treated vocals explaining the rip off by Transnational corporations of Australian taxes by their not paying their fair share, (ie. they own 90% of Australia, but only pay 8% of the tax!). Australians should be thoroughly pissed off about this and be protesting until these companies pay their fair share.
"Politics" is an incredible release, both in music and political issues in Australia. If you aren't interested in politics, I'd suggest picking up this release for the music. It's as twisted at times, as is the global corporate political agenda."

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