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Title: "SONGS OF PROTEST" - Collection of Political Protest Music by independent underground bands in Australia.


If the album audio does not appear on this page it is also available on the Blatant Propaganda BandCamp Channel

Genres: Indie-Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Industrial, Electronica, Acoustic-Folk, SynthPop, Power-Pop, PowerNoise. Australian Bands-Groups-Projects-Artists-Producers (Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Gold-Coast Melbourne Newcastle Sydney Perth).


DJ Robot Citizen: "This album was released in 2003 - a showcase of 12 truly independent underground Australian artists with a progressive political attitude; top quality recordings and song-writing. I was inspired to make this compilation by the wealth of underground music I had received while hosting numerous radio-shows. We printed 500 CDs and sent most of them to other Community Radio stations and shows around the country.

When it was released was roughly in the midst of the 10-year long oppressive right-wing John Howard-led LNP government; a period characterised by political corruption and their socially-divisive strategies aimed at smoke-screen distraction ie. provoking fearful attitudes, scapegoating refugees, getting us involved in unpopular and ridiculous foreign wars, while undermining the living conditions of the working and middle classes in order to boost the wealth of the wealthiest.

Genres of music on this album range from hip-hop to power-pop-punk to industrial to acoustic-folk to electronica to sythnpop-techno-acid-house. Topics include: media and government propaganda, activism, refugees, war myths and lies, aboriginal landrights, nuclear/uranium, class solidarity, reclaim the streets and environmentalism.

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Protest Music Songs from Australia Political Progressive Revolutionary Social Justice Activist Left Wing Bands Styles of Punk Hip Hop Industrial Rock Power Pop Electronic Groups Artists Projects Musicians in Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Gold Coast Perth Canberra Newcastle Central Coast Bendigo Wollongong Orange Sunbury Ballarat Albury-Wodonga Tamworth Port Macquarie Nowra Dubbo Lismore Moreton Bay Blacktown Sunshine Coast Blue Mountains Gosford Hobart Liverpool Geelong Bathurst Bankstown Fairfield Sutherland Parramatta Brimbank Penrith Toowoomba Monash Wagga Wagga Stirling Darwin Casey Hills Shire Townsville Cairns Launceston Maitland Mandurah Rockhampton Latrobe Mackay Bundaberg Coffs Harbour Hervey Bay Mildura Bunbury Warrnambool Shepparton Gladstone Alice Springs Albany

Protest Music Songs Political Progressive Revolutionary Social Justice Activist Left Wing Worker Anthems Australian Alternative Bands Styles of Post Punk Hip Hop Electronic Electro Industrial Funk Rock Power Pop Artists Projects Groups Musicians in Sydney Melbourne Perth Adelaide Brisbane Newcastle Central Coast Gold Coast Canberra Wollongong Bendigo Darwin Hobart Launceston Tasmania Albury Wodonga Orange Sunshine Coast Blue Mountains Sunbury Parramatta Tamworth Ballarat Nowra Dubbo Blacktown Port Macquarie Lismore Moreton Bay Gosford Maitland Geelong Bathurst Liverpool Sutherland Bankstown Penrith Brimbank Toowoomba Fairfield Wagga Wagga Stirling Casey Hills Shire Cairns Rockhampton Monash Townsville Mandurah Mackay Latrobe Coffs Harbour Bundaberg Hervey Bay Bunbury Warrnambool Mildura Shepparton Alice Springs Gladstone Albany

EYE Political Protest Songs Australian Alternative Music Bands Heavy Dark Electronica Electro Synth Pop Post Punk Industrial Cyber Goth Rock Indietronica New Wave IDM Glitch Hop Witch House Alt Indie Techno Dance Band Artists Projects Musicians Groups in from Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide Gold Coast Newcastle Canberra Moreton Bay Central Coast Wollongong Sunshine Coast Blacktown Hobart Gosford Geelong Liverpool Sutherland Parramatta Bankstown Fairfield Brimbank Monash Stirling Penrith Townsville Cairns Casey Hills Shire Darwin Toowoomba Blue Mountains Ballarat Bendigo Albury Wodonga Launceston Mandurah Maitland Mackay Rockhampton Latrobe Bunbury Bundaberg Coffs Harbour Wagga Wagga Hervey Bay Mildura Shepparton Gladstone Port Macquarie Tamworth Orange Dubbo Sunbury Bathurst Nowra Warrnambool Lismore Albany Alice Springs

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From BMA (Bands Music Action) magazine, Canberra, issue 193 nov 2003, Dan Bigna:
"Considering what a political and socio-economic mess the world is currently in, this release is very timely indeed: 21 tracks of electronica, industrial, power pop and punk rock, each devoted to addressing such important issues as uranium mining, aboriginal land rights, the plight of refugees and war... Each artist on the album provides just enough information, whether through samples or more linear lyrics, to allow listeners to draw their own conclusions. Politics aside, the album is an excellent compilation of contemporary Australian music virtually ignored by the commercial media. Standout track is the sound cut-up by EYE [titled "Our Way of Life"] who demonstrate very simply how idiotic elected governments can be. And as Andrew Bunney so aptly acknowledges "Jesus was an anarchist!"..."

From Green Left Weekly newspaper, October 1, 2003, review by Andrew Hall:
"Songs of the political underground...
The Songs of Protest CD is a great collection of Australian music artists with a progressive political bent. The liberating mood of the album is set with the opening track "Our Way of Life" by EYE, a propaganda collage against the federal government's "terrorism" hysteria.
Ranging from hip hop to pop-punk, industrial and electronica to techno-acid-house, the album's contributors comment on issues such as media and government lies, activism, refugees, war, Aboriginal land rights, anti-nuclear issues and uranium mining, class solidarity, reclaiming the streets, environmentalism and many others.
For me, the Non Bossy Posse and the Warrumpi Band's version of "Stand Up" and the EYE's refreshing hip hop-industrial-funk version of the popular slogan of working-class solidarity, " The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated " stand out. Ginger Tom's now classic "Hey, Hey USA: How Many Children Did You Kill Today?" is always a favourite.
The album's entire 76 minutes is high quality underground music.
Blatant Propaganda's J Citizen has built a world-wide following for his label, through a simple mail-order business and the outstanding quality of his music projects and those of the other acts he provides an outlet for..."

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Australian POLITICAL PROTEST Songs: Social Justice Activism Music & Bands:

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