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press release:

EYE threatened with arrest during video shoot at Parliament House, Canberra, Australia.

photo of EYE being threatened with arrest by Parliament House security.

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"Leave now, or... be arrested!"

This was the "choice" given to electronica-industrial outfit EYE, by Australian Protective Security guards on Saturday December 4th 1999, whilst shooting footage for a video to their song "Mandate!" at Parliament House, Canberra. (video on youtube)

photo of EYE "jamming" in front of Parliament House

EYE spokesbeing, J. Citizen explains:

"All EYE wanted to do was show to a disbelieving world, that it IS possible to scale the green lawns up the side of the roof of Parliament House (Australia's equal to the Washington White House), while dressed in grim reaper suits, gas masks and a mask of John Howard (Australia's Prime Minister), carrying heavy musical instrument cases... in over 30 degree (Celsius) heat. Had we not been obstructed near the summit, by The Boys in Blue, we would surely now be in the Guiness Book of Records for this heroic feat - second only to the landing on the moon.

photo 2 of EYE "jamming" in front of Parliament House

Not allowed to film on top of Parliament House, which is supposedly public land, EYE were told we could go film on the grass in front of it. This we did.

However, it wasn't long before The Boys in Blue trundled out to say:

"You have a choice... either you leave here now, or you will be arrested!"

Well, this sounded ridiculous to EYE, but we didn't wish to risk having our records as outstanding model (j) citizens of the state tarnished over this. The Boys in Blue's spokesperson, Mr. Plod, seemed quite concerned about EYE's attire. He was heard mumbling into his walkie-talkie to security headquarters:

"They're dressed up in Grim Reaper outfits, with gas masks, and a John Howard mask, waving American flags... they're dancing around with musical instruments, it's not decent. What will tourists think!?!"

Well, even if Mr. Plod didn't appreciate EYE, the tourists certainly did. EYE will now achieve fame & fortune in home videos around the world."

EYE: John Citizen Howard looking very suspicious outside Parliament House EYE: J Citizen Howard and Lady Cadaver outside Parliament House



EYE give big thanks to the following, for their invaluable assistance with filming and producing this video: Scott McCann (Digihed Video Productions), Mr. Static from Mindstep Records for the photos, Mr. Led, Lady Hannah Cadaver & Xtian.

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